The Experiement

Written By: Editor - Mar• 27•11

Now we have tried this twice. The idea may be enticing, but we can all agree that I have nothing of interest to offer.

Some time in the next few days this domain name will be shifting to a placeholder with Google ads and a little note that says that, for a paltry sum, you can have and do something splendid with it. I will be content to learn at your feet.

jFormer – Better Forms

Written By: Editor - Mar• 17•11

There are plenty of tutorials on how to create, style and enhance forms and jQuery has very nice UI form components, but I wanted to feature a nice, simple plug-in that will help you to put out better form quickly, especially those sweet “multi-page” style forms.  (more…)

Ready to Learn and Implement jQuery?

Written By: Editor - Mar• 15•11

Today we are going back to basics. jQuery is an amazing tool for web site owners, designers and developers to use for enhancing the user experience (UX) of their site without having to deal much with the differences in the way various browsers work with Javascript. jQuery just works and there are thousands of plugins, widgets, and feature implementations already written, most of which are freely available.

jQuery Beginner Tut The series of articles I’m recommending here are on Sitepoint and are being written by Earle Castledine. They are excerpted from his book,  jQuery: Novice to Ninja, a very helpful tome for first-time jQuery users. This series of articles, two of which are complete, will take the novice a long way toward being good at implementing progressive enhancement on their web sites.


Written By: Editor - Mar• 14•11

Eventually, no matter what your specialty as designer or developer, you’ll need to save and retrieve data. Thanks fully, we are beginning to get to the point where that does not necessarily mean a bunch of server-side programming and MySQL work. With the new generation of “NoSQL” databases and Javascript getting to the point that it can work on both the client and the server, data is getting easier to work with in the web application.

CouchDB CouchDB is a nice implementation of the NoSQL concept (more…)

Addy Osmani

Written By: Editor - Mar• 10•11

Addy OsmaniBuilding a brand for yourself is like a full time job. Here is one guy who has done a great job of it. By cartooning himself and pumping out great content relentlessly, @addyosmani has become a well-known name in the jQuery community. His Twitter profile blares, “jQuery Evangelist, jQuery Docs & Bug Triage team and I also love writing about jQuery at…)

More jQuery Templating

Written By: Editor - Mar• 09•11

Although jQuery Templating is not ready for prime time yet, a number of us have been playing with it. Over on nettuts+, Dan Wellman did a rather involved tutorial, basically creating a little app using templating and Ajax. Now is not the time to start reworking your projects with jQuery Templates, since there may be a number of changes before this beta goes 1.0, but if you’ve never done JS templating this article will prepare you by helping you think about your projects in light of what is coming. If you are using templates in another framework or something you’ve rolled yourself, Take a look at and comment on what you see coming from jQuery. I don’t think it will impress veterans, but jQuery’s little addition may bring along those new to the concept.

Fun with jQuery Templating and AJAX